Fun Facts

  • Whether a serval is crepuscular or nocturnal depends on the prey
  • "Serval" is Portugese for "wolf-deer"
  • A servals' hind legs are longer than its front ones
  • The Ancient Egyptians used to worship servals for their grace and power
  • A serval's ears are the largest of any cat in comparison to its body size
  • It also has the longest legs
  • Nicknames for the serval include: "bush cat" and "giraffe cat"
  • The serval is sometimes referred to as a small cheetah
  • The servaline was assumed to be the same species as the serval until a few years ago when it was identified as a seperate species
  • While most cats can catch prey in 5-6 tries, a serval can catch it about 50% of the time
  • The serval is the fastest running cat, other than the cheetah
  • Many people keep servals as pets, but it is against the law in many states to have one without a permit
  • Servals have been bred with domestic cats to create a new breed called the savannah
  • No two servals have the exact same markings on their fur
  • The serval is sometimes referred to as the "Savannah Stalker" because of its wonderful hunting skills on African grasslands and savannahs

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